Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tuesday quickwrite - June 29

I'm in the Coppell HS library today helping with summer school. In 100 steps, I'm either sitting with students at tables among the stacks of books or standing between rows of computer screens and a lone bookcase of biography books. I can look at windows that face the outdoors in a park setting or windows that face the main corridor of the school, lined with potted plants.

The building brings us together for the common goal of helping kids where they struggle. We may see different views through the windows, just like different teachers have different insight into the background of different kids. We are surrounded by knowledge (books) and tools (computers), but the key component to helping these kids is the relationship we build with them. That is not objectively visible, but it comes from the conversations: students with students, teachers with students, teachers with teachers, teachers with administrators, or students with administrators.

We may not save everyone, but we are working to impact them as best we can.

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