Thursday, June 23, 2016

Stepping out of my comfort zone

I'm looking to expand my career beyond simply teaching in the classroom.  This May, I was asked to be a Lead Mentor for my campus mentors and new teachers. This kind of position is ideal for my background as a life coach, so I think it's going to be a great year.

However, I also took a step outside of my comfort zone. I was going to attend the TIA 2016 (Technology in Action) conference in Denton, Texas, but I noticed a link that called for presenters.  Why not?  After fretting with co-workers on the content I could present, I sent in a proposal and was accepted.   I'll be presenting ways that teachers can use the many Google apps in their classroom.

Here's the actual session description:

Google Apps can be used in your classroom for classroom & behavior management, relationship building, real-world audiences & authentic feedback, and managing all of the documentation we are called upon to keep updated (RTI, SPED, mentoring, planning). 

Bring your own device to get your own Google Apps started. We will use1. QR codes directed to Google docs for classroom and behavior management
2. Google docs for conferencing: reading, writing, and personal goals
3. Blogger for sharing books, sharing and responding to current articles, creative and digital posts, and constructive commenting
4. Google forms and docs for RTI/SPED/ESL documentation, weekly planning reflections, mentoring, etc.

***added after I submitted

Google sites for teacher/student resources, unit planning, and student products

5. (Bonus - for LA) Google Sheets for genre/book lists

My presentation is almost complete, and I've run it by some of the high school teachers and administrators in my district while teaching summer school.  Based on their reaction (please share with me NOW), I'm pretty stoked!  

Maybe I'll be on the road next summer as a professional presenter.

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  1. Congratulations for getting out of your comfort zone! You will be awesome! I love using google apps with my learners. It helps me stay organized and helps teach them organization. I share docs and slides with them constantly, and I really like to conference with them about their writing via the comment tab on google docs. I'm going to explore using google sheets for their 40 Book Challenge list this year! I'd love to see your presentation! Good Luck!