Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Monday reflection

Writing is a solitary act, but it requires a community or you'll lose your sanity.  I'm participating in #teacherswrite this year, and I've got a community of writers in my district from our #cisdlitcamp workshop. A community helps with all parts of writing - idea brainstorming, organization, voice, the craft of writing, and emotional support.

I'm currently in the midst of revising my movie script from grad school; it was my thesis project.  It wasn't bad, but I'm getting into the exploration and scrubbing that revising requires. It's pretty cool.  Even after three years beyond my graduation and getting a grade, I know I can keep working on the project to make it really amazing. That's what writers aim for - amazing, heart-breaking, touching, inspiring. Anyone can do first draft crap. It might even be pretty good. I got by with mostly first drafts through my bachelor's and my teacher certification, making 3.55 and 3.89 GPA respectively.

But, what could happen if you really stretched yourself to revise with vigor? I'm reignited with excitement about screenplays (movie scripts). I'm excited about my story. I'm rooting for my protagonist, and developing my antagonist into something beyond a stereotype. I've got a few too many supporting characters who need to be eliminated or combined. I'm also going to change a male character to female.

I reread Paul Chitlik's book, Rewrite, and I'm recreating my plot line and beat sheet. That's outlining in screen lingo. The messy, muddled middle of my script is my nemesis.

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