Saturday, August 30, 2014

First week reflection

I think this week went pretty well.  I'm never a huge fan of the first two weeks of school because we aren't in our routines or into the content yet. The reflection is good for me because I can see the multi-purpose effects of our classroom experiences. I'm really happy with all of the accomplishments thus far.

The students are doing a lot of self-discovery as we set up journals (in composition notebooks) and Conference Notes (in Google docs).  They are also giving me input into the physical room and some of the activities they prefer.

I'm so happy with our Enrichment period (advisory) and how the Pep Rally went.  Our faculty has a lot of great spirit and enthusiasm. The newest teachers are amazing in their willingness to jump right in.  I can tell a difference in the energy of the students. We seem to have moved through the years of apathy and refusal to participate. We ended on a real high Friday!

I'm department chair and mentor to a new teacher. I've already noticed that my brain is pretty  much thinking about school non-stop. I left the corporate world for several reasons, and they still hold true.

1. I wanted to make a real difference in the world.
2. I wanted the opportunity to continue learning and growing.
3. I wanted to unleash my passions.
4. I have a calling to teach and help students grow.

It's a really hard job, and I love it.